Integrate SAP Business One with WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular sites used by small businesses and the general public. Many small businesses use WordPress to present their catalogues online to potential customers, and it is here that we can help by integrating the ERP system with the WordPress catalogue.

To perform the integration, we would use Orbis TaskCentre. TaskCentre is particularly good at integrating unrelated systems and databases, thus saving manpower while also increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Integration with WordPress

Step One

Initially we place User Defined Fields on the Item Master Data on SAP B1 to hold extra details for upload, image paths and Yes/No toggles to determine whether to post. If the toggle is set to "Yes", we would upload the details.

Step Two

In step two we would place a trigger on the SAP B1 database using the TaskCentre SAP Business One Agent tool. This will trigger on Add or Update. We immediately check the status of the Yes/No toggle. If it is Yes, we gather the information required for the catalogue.

Step Three

In this step we build the upload scripts and determine the position of the next article in WordPress. We identify and upload any associated images, remembering where we put them.

Step Four

This is the clever bit! Here we first identify what we are going to do. We will either be adding, updating or deleting the catalogue page. We then run the appropriate scripts to perform the action that is required.

Step Five

Finally we reset the toggle on the Item Master Data screen to "No"

The entire process is driven by SAP Business One, from SAP Business One. The user doesn't need to have access to the WordPress website as this is all handled from within TaskCentre.

For more details, or for a quote to have this set up on your systems, please contact me via the Contact form.

SAP Business One Connector. Add or Update operation causes error: -8006 Resource error Login


When you call onto the Add or Update operation within the SAP Business One Connector tool you may receive the following Exception text in the Response XML returned from the Connector web service.

-8006 Resource error Login.



Calling onto an Add or Update operation within the tool causes a call to first be made on to the ‘Login’ operation of the SAP integration APIs. If this fails you get:

-8006 Resource error Login.



  • Stop the DI Server
  • Delete the SM_OBS_DLL folder in C:\Windows\Temp
  • Restart the DI Server


Today’s consumers and business partners want information on demand. We require specific data as it becomes relevant and demand that it is sensitive to the channel through which we make the requests. Fuelled by our increasing reliance upon the internet and the expansive growth in mobile devices, information on demand is expected in every dimension.

For any organisation, supplying dynamic information services places considerable strain on its human resources, but to ignore these needs and not develop an offering would be to risk losing out to the competition. For example, the speed and accuracy of the response to an initial enquiry forms the very first impression of your organisation.

TaskCentre® provides a range of tools to develop and maintain highly configurable and user defined 'subscription based services or request-response' mechanisms that integrate tightly into any organisation’s databases and information systems. The development of a ‘self-service’ infrastructure to automate the delivery of information is accelerated. Furthermore, TaskCentre® enables any organisation to easily adapt and evolve to the constantly changing face of customer requirements.

Organisations need systems that support end-to-end efficiency for their business processes, whilst ensuring that all complexities remain absolutely invisible to operators and external partners alike.

Integration interfaces are developed and delivered by software vendors within their own individual API’s, toolsets and formats. More often than not, there is very little standardisation across systems and therefore integration becomes a matter of hard-coded development or low-level scripting.

TaskCentre® bridges the gap between disparate information systems, by providing a graphical process modeller and comprehensive operating environment that either dramatically reduces, or totally eliminates the need for complex integration development. By design TaskCentre® delivers and manages process Integration, ensuring that systems ‘talk to each other’, no matter how complex the requirements.

Communicating with company stakeholders and ensuring that they have access to and visibility of relevant information is vital in the current competitive environment. Cost-effective communication will help to develop long-term beneficial relationships and contribute to future organisational growth.

Within an organisation, valuable knowledge typically resides in ring-fenced information ‘islands’, often within departmental or organisational boundaries. However, making this information more widely accessible to employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders is labour-intensive and cost prohibitive.

Using TaskCentre®’s Web Content Publishing capabilities, online information can be automatically generated, published and updated according to user-defined rules.